Google maps new feature 'area busyness' lets you know traffic in specific place or area

Google maps is one of the finest and accurate maps, we have in our smartphones. Now, Google rolled out new feature 'area busyness'. It is all about the traffic in particular place or area, which will highlight the busiest areas in the city. This feature lets you know about the crowd in that place and save your time.


This feature is already rolled out in our smartphones, if you cannot see this feature make sure you updated Google maps to the newest version. 'area busyness' is available for Android and IOS users all over the world.  It can work for which the areas have restaurants, shops, park's, movie theatre etc. 

Area Busyness feature

You can experience it directly in you smartphones right from now.  Google announced it last month, Area Busyness on Googlemaps combines live busyness trends to show the traffic in the particular area or restaurant etc.

How to use

Area Busyness icon shows up when you zoom close in a particular area and then map scale reads around 2,000 feet or 1 kilometres radius distance to give you the best output possible. 

After zooming in to a specific place Busy area icon blinks up on your screens, tap the icon then it gives you the full information in that area, showing how busy is that area and gives you suggestions, including bar graphs which tells you how busy it is at current time and compares it to the average day and hours. Try it in your smartphones!

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