Pub-G new-state introducing new vehicles and more updates

pub-G new-state major update.

 New state developer craft and has revealed  first major updates since its launch has the game surpassed more than 45 million global downloads. Pubg new-state got huge response all over the world because of the graphics and maps that are very beautifully designed. 

pub-G new-state major update

Now krafton has announced its major update to Pubg new-state and it's already rolled out in Android as well as iOS devices. This update mainly focused on the bugs that are in the game and they introduced two new vehicles, new lobby theme, survivor pass vol-2, new weapons and weapon customisation. 

New vehicles

Talking about the new two vehicles, the first one is mini bus they are calling it electron that offers increased durability relative to other vehicles in game and it is 6 seater bus, if we recruit enemy into our teams it can perfectly fits our needs and we can go all together in that mini bus.

The second one is two seater classic sports car that offers quick acceleration and it hits high speeds, where we see similar kind of classic sports car in regular Pubg game. This two seater classic sports car name called as Mesta. This vehicles are available in selected maps, electron is available on Troi map and Training grounds where as the Mesta is available only in Troi map.

New weapons

This major update also brought as new weapon, players can now obtain the L85A3,  a new assault rifle with low recoil. The firing speed is lower than the other games but it gives the highest damage output of the game's assault rifle that uses 5.56 ammo.

Other features included in the update

Now Krafton added the merit points system,  this feature is already introduced in regular Pubg mobile long back. Mainly they focused on the positive game play with out killing their own teammates or any unusual gameplay of the player, this leads to discredit the merit points and Pubg new-state won't allow to play the game with teammates until you get a good merit points by playing Solo gameplay.

Players can now customise m416, SLR and L85A3 weapons players can now add long barrel to m416 to increase damage at the cost of increased vertical recoil. SLR uses 5.56 ammo. L85A3 assault rifle can attach Vertical Foregrip, Bipod, prone position will give us more recoil with these attachments installed. 

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